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When checking in each passenger‚ including children and infants‚ must be able to submit an official proof of identity with a photograph that remains valid until after the date of the outbound flight and the return journey (if applicable). Only valid official identity cards and passports will be accepted. Other documents such as driving licences‚ health insurance cards or bank cards are not accepted as valid travel documents. 

You will only be accepted to board your flight if the names on your boarding pass and your identity documents match. Therefore‚ it is important that your official name is mentioned in your reservation. In case your name or the name of other passengers is misspelled‚ please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that it is the passenger's responsibility to find out which travel documents are required to depart from the country of origin and visit the country of destination. Every country has its own rules for visitors of various nationalities and might require a passport and/or a visa depending on your nationality and country of residence. If for any reason a passenger is denied entry to the country of destination‚ Air Antwerp is not liable for any costs caused by this situation and the passenger will have to pay any bills for accommodation‚ meals‚ transport‚ communication and/or the return journey.

Therefore Air Antwerp strongly encourages its customers to check which travel documents are required for all intended passengers before making a booking. Travellers are advised to get in touch with the relevant authorities (embassy or consulate) to acquire the most up to date information. To avoid putting your trip at risk‚ please ensure whether or not you need a travel visa in addition to the official proof of identity. Some relevant sources of information are: 


Boarding pass 

You will only be allowed to board the aircraft with a valid boarding pass. The booking confirmation‚ receipt and/or invoice you received after finalising payment for your reservation does not constitute a boarding pass. You will only be awarded a boarding pass after having successfully completed the check-in process for your flight. Please note that in most cases you will only receive a boarding pass for your outbound flight and you will be required to check in again for your return flight at a later time. For information about check-in click here